Schreiner University wrote THCC a thank you letter for all their support.

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Outdoor Adventure


The Dallas Ecological Foundation (DEF) is extremely grateful to the Texas Hill Country Chapter SCI

and their 2013 $4000.00, as well as their 2014 $5000.00 grant to support the Outdoor Adventures Education (OAE) program.  The DEF is a 501C3 organization under IRS regulations and works with the Dallas Safari Club.   THCC SCI and the DEF’s relationship will provide matching equipment grants to schools offering the OAE program.   This year's THCC SCI grant specifically assisted the OAE program at                                      . 

Last year's THCC SCI grant specifically assisted the North East Independent School District’s matching equipment request.  NEISD is located in the San Antonio area and all seven of their high schools will offer the OAE program with 1500 students enrolled in the program starting this fall.  Middle school and high school youth’s lives have been changed by introducing them to the great outdoors and wildlife conservation through OAE.  The NEISD’s matching equipment grant request for the seven high schools was very large.   With NEISD matching THCC SCI’s grant two complete OAE equipment sets will be purchased.  A set includes archery, fishing and outdoor cooking equipment.   The DEF was also assisted by the Houston Safari Club.  Only through the combined efforts of the all three organizations was the NEISD request fulfilled.  

What is the OAE?

The OAE program is a unique secondary school physical education course. Instead of teaching PE with basketballs and tennis rackets, we use rods and reels, and bows and arrows.  DEF has a partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  Each student is taught TPWD’s Hunter Education, Angler Education, NASP Archery, survival skills, CPR/First Aid, Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Hiking and many other outdoor units.  The Outdoor Adventures curriculum is being taught in over 160 secondary schools with numerous positive attributes associated with the class.  School principals’ report improved self esteem, improved attendance, less discipline issues and improved grades for students while enrolled in the course.  More than 50% of the students in OAE are not involved in the outdoors.  Responsive Management is completing a new survey on OAE and the results have not been published at this time but some preliminary findings include:   

  • ​22% of the students completing OAE have hunted
  • 34% of the students have purchased hunting license
  • 67% are interested in hunting
  • 92% OAE prepared them for hunting, fishing, shooting, camping and boating
  • 93-97% OAE students indicated they learned about hunting safety, ethics and methods
  • 93% of the students completing OAE enjoyed the class

OAE is increasing hunter and angler interest and participation.  With the special partnership between the DEF and THCC SCI, there will be more future hunters and anglers to ensure our legacy. 

Thank you so much for the generous grant!

SCIF Education Programs

2017 President, Jan Strauss, presenting a $5,000 check to Schreiner Shooting Team member, Mason Wilks, for the chapter's annual support.

4H Projects


to our


Jackie Dukes, THCC President, presenting Tom Hewitt of Operation Orphans with a donation from the proceeds of our 2018 Fundraiser.

Schreiner Shooting Sports Society

 This online app provides access to the entire SCI Record Book.

Operation Orphans

Operation Orphans is a non-profit organization that provides children with unique and wonderful outdoor experiences by sponsoring hunting and fishing trips in the Texas Hill Country, since 1960.  In many cases, this is the first real such experience these children have had.

Our focus remains on developing the next generation of conservationists and hunters through specific programs focused on educators and youth.  Programs include the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) – which is the foundation’s flagship program to reach educators and youth with our sustainable use wildlife conservation curriculum.  

SCI Chapters and Education Sables partner through SCI Foundation grant programs that provide financial support to SCI Chapters that provide programs for youth in their communities.  Since 2011 SCIF Education awarded nearly $600,000 to SCI Chapters for youth programs in their local communities.

Texas Hill Country SCI in Kerrville

Both Gillespie County & Kerr County 4H Clubs received donations from the proceeds of our 2018 Fundraiser.

Zoofari at Kerrfest

Thank you to the Texas Hill Country Chapter of Safari Club International for your sponsorship of Zoofari at Kerrfest.  We had an awesome turnout!!  Around 350 kids spent the day learning about and interacting with a variety of exotic species.  Below are photos of the event.

Additionally, there were some patrons who asked about leaving donations for HC SCI.  We collected $49 that I would like to send to you.

Thank you again!

Kristan D. Weaver

Vice-President of Operations

Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce