Kerrville, TX

June 2019,……..Summer campers at Texas Lions Camp were treated to a Sensory Safari conducted by Chapter President, Ed Hitchler; Chapter Treasurer, Rebecca Williamson; Board Member, Jan Strauss, along with chapter members, Mark German and Alec Strauss.

Ken Wilson, chapter member, and owner of Ken Wilson Realty in Kerrville, started the sensory safari at Texas Lions Camp in 1994, and the chapter continues this annual tradition. These dedicated chapter volunteers taught approximately 30 campers and counselors this summer about various wildlife, horn vs. antler distinctions, habitat, and even some nicknames, such as the “grey ghost” of Africa.

Sensory Safari offers a unique opportunity to children and adults. Originally designed for the visually impaired, the Safari Club International safari experience has expanded to include wildlife zoos, natural history museums, libraries, senior citizens and the disabled. In this unique event, knowledgeable leaders describe the animals and their habitats as participants touch, and sometimes hug the displays. Donors have supplied a full-size grizzly bear, Rio Grande turkey, whitetail & mule deer antlers, mountain lion rug, skulls & skins, caribou antlers in velvet, axis antlers, kudu horns, water buffalo horns & skull, as well as shoulder mounts of deer, sheep, goats, hartebeest and many other interesting animals.

Whether stroking the thick fur of a bear or the soft velvet of an antler, or feeling the sharp teeth of a mountain lion, the participants have the opportunity to experience what many people have not.

Texas Lions Camp is a residential camping facility whose primary purpose is to provide, without charge, a camp for physically disabled, hearing/vision impaired, and diabetic children from the State of Texas. Safari Club International’s primary focus is promoting wildlife conservation and hunters’ rights. For more information on these non-profit organizations, and how you can help, visit their websites: www.safariclub.org; www.texashillcountrysci.org; www.lionscamp.com

Both Gillespie County & Kerr County 4H Clubs received donations from the proceeds of our 2018 Fundraiser.

Operation Orphans

Operation Orphans is a non-profit organization that provides children with unique and wonderful outdoor experiences by sponsoring hunting and fishing trips in the Texas Hill Country, since 1960.  In many cases, this is the first real such experience these children have had.

Jackie Dukes, THCC President, presenting Tom Hewitt of Operation Orphans with a donation from the proceeds of our 2018 Fundraiser.

4H Projects

Schreiner Shooting Sports Society

Schreiner University wrote THCC a thank you letter for all their support.

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SCIF Education Programs

Texas Hill Country SCI in Kerrville

Our focus remains on developing the next generation of conservationists and hunters through specific programs focused on educators and youth.  Programs include the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) – which is the foundation’s flagship program to reach educators and youth with our sustainable use wildlife conservation curriculum.  

SCI Chapters and Education Sables partner through SCI Foundation grant programs that provide financial support to SCI Chapters that provide programs for youth in their communities.  Since 2011 SCIF Education awarded nearly $600,000 to SCI Chapters for youth programs in their local communities.

2017 President, Jan Strauss, presenting a $5,000 check to Schreiner Shooting Team member, Mason Wilks, for the chapter's annual support.


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