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Jackie Dukes, THCC President, presenting Tom Hewitt of Operation Orphans with a donation from the proceeds of our 2018 Fundraiser.

Texas Hill Country Chapter of Safari Club International participates in the Safari Care program.  SCI Members provide humanitarian relief efforts around the world by chapters or individual members collecting medical, educational, hygiene and other relief supplies, clothing and toys, which are then taken to remote areas of the world by hunters who have planned hunts in these regions.  The supplies are delivered directly to villages, clinics, schools and orphanages for villagers, doctors, teachers and caregivers to utilize.  Providing medical supplies and medical equipment to communities in need.  Monique Richard, member & board

Sensory Safari at Texas Lions Camp

For the fourth year, THCC members conduct Sensory Safari at Texas Lions Camp

Safari Care Program

member, made a trip to South Africa and carried with her two Safari Care bags that were delivered to a local school and an orphanage. The bags were filled by members of the chapter. Thank you to those who helped to fill the bags. For more information on participating on this program click here.

SCI Humanitarian Services

Through the Safari Club International Foundation's myriad humanitarian programs, SCI chapters and individual members demonstrate the highest levels of philanthropy by directly reaching out to people in need throughout the world. We feed millions of meals to the hungry each year through the Sportsmen Against HungerTM program, which shares the harvest of nature's resources; we provide humanitarian relief efforts and offer free healthcare and supplies to impoverished communities around the globe via the SafariCareTM program; we introduce the blind, visually-impaired and handicapped to the wonders of wildlife through the hands-on wildlife learning experience that is our Sensory SafariTM program; we help those with life-threatening or terminal illnesses through our SafariWishTM program, and we promote courage and dignity while enabling the disabled to enjoy the great outdoors and fulfill lifelong hunting wishes via our Disabled Hunter/Pathfinder/program.

Operation Orphans

Operation Orphans is a non-profit organization that provides children with unique and wonderful outdoor experiences by sponsoring hunting and fishing trips in the Texas Hill Country, since 1960.  In many cases, this is the first real such experience these children have had.