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Texas Hill Country Chapter of Safari Club International participates in the Safari Care program.  SCI Members provide humanitarian relief efforts around the world by chapters or individual members collecting medical, educational, hygiene and other relief supplies, clothing and toys, which are then taken to remote areas of the world by hunters who have planned hunts in these regions.  The supplies are delivered directly to villages, clinics, schools and orphanages for villagers, doctors, teachers and caregivers to utilize.  Providing medical supplies and medical equipment to communities in need.  Monique Richard, member & board

Trinity Oaks Foundation

Your chapter recently donated $5,000 to the Trinity Oaks Foundation in support of their Wounded Veterans Heroes Celebration.  Two Purple Heart recipients, Ryan and Matt Mobley, and their father Mike, were provided an all-expense paid plains game hunt to Namibia.

Ryan suffers from PTSD TBI due to IED's during four combat deployments.  He was awarded a Purple Heart on 28 August 2007 for wounds received during combat operations near Ramadi, Iraq.  Matt is also a Purple Heart Veteran from the Iraq War.

Trinity Oaks believes it is important to include close family members as part of the healing process and to act as co-creators of positive memories surrounding our hunting programs; therefore, Mike was able to join his sons on this memorable trip.

The total cost of the trip was $28,700.  Trinity Oaks program funding and Omujeve Safaris in Namibia covered the cost for Mike, and Omujeve covered the costs of daily rates and plains game trophy fees.

Sensory Safari at Texas Lions Camp

For the third year, THCC members conduct Sensory Safari at Texas Lions Camp

On behalf of Delta platoon - a special operations element currently assigned to Afghanistan, we would like to thank you for your generosity.  Your package was great.  All of us who have multiple trips over here agree it was one of the best.  The guys appreciated it a lot.  My sincere appreciation for all the support at home God Bless.

​Mike -Element Commander

Safari Care Program

member, made a trip to South Africa and carried with her two Safari Care bags that were delivered to a local school and an orphanage. The bags were filled by members of the chapter. Thank you to those who helped to fill the bags. For more information on participating on this program click here.

Your support of the chapter pays for periodic shipments to support these brave troops win the field with badly needed support, thank you!

For more information on participating on this project, please contact the THCC at (830)928-4344.

SCI Humanitarian Services

Through the Safari Club International Foundation's myriad humanitarian programs, SCI chapters and individual members demonstrate the highest levels of philanthropy by directly reaching out to people in need throughout the world. We feed millions of meals to the hungry each year through the Sportsmen Against HungerTM program, which shares the harvest of nature's resources; we provide humanitarian relief efforts and offer free healthcare and supplies to impoverished communities around the globe via the SafariCareTM program; we introduce the blind, visually-impaired and handicapped to the wonders of wildlife through the hands-on wildlife learning experience that is our Sensory SafariTM program; we help those with life-threatening or terminal illnesses through our SafariWishTM program, and we promote courage and dignity while enabling the disabled to enjoy the great outdoors and fulfill lifelong hunting wishes via our Disabled Hunter/Pathfinder/program.

F.O.B Project

Keep Us Free, Ship to the F.O.B.: The THCC has decided to do something different for our troops overseas. We will be sending care packages to several "Special Operations Teams" serving as our "Tip of the Spear" at several Forward Operating Bases throughout Afghanistan in the remote mountain regions. These heroes serve several weeks and sometimes months in these very remote locations and are unable to get supplies other than MRE's and basic essentials. The THCC will be sending care packages directly to the troops stationed in these very remote locations.